Visitor Analytics


Blockify helps you unlock valuable insights into your store traffic with our Visitor Analytics. By providing detailed information: IP addresses, geolocation, access detail of each IP, risk score, device, and browsing data, it empowers you to gain a deep understanding of your audience, identify potential risks, and fortify your site's security. Make informed decisions and enhance your online presence with the comprehensive analytics offered by Blockify.

Analytics apps still record blocked visitors

Due to the visits logging mechanism of Shopify Analytics, Google Analytics, and other analytics apps, all visiting attempts will still be recorded in the analytic report. It's important to note that these logs are just visiting attempts that were blocked immediately by Blockify.

How does our app record data?

The app records data by sending each IP accessing the store to a third-party service,, to determine if it meets the conditions for blocking or redirection. IPs that do not meet the criteria for blocking or redirection are displayed in the Visitor log table, while those that have been blocked or redirected are shown in the Blocked history table.

The Visitor log includes the following information:

  • IP Address

  • Geolocation (country, province, state, city)

  • Total visit count and detailed access time

  • Risk score of the IP

Risk Score

According to the proxycheck's database, we provide you with a risk score for each IP address ranging from 0 to 100.

  • Scores below 33 can be considered low-risk

  • Scores between 34 and 66 can be considered high-risk

  • Addresses with scores above 66 are considered very dangerous.

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