Order from VPN/Proxy

Available for Premium and Enterprise Plan


This field allows users to know whether an order was placed by a VPN/Proxy customer or not

This field displays one of two values:

  • Yes: The order was placed by a customer using VPN/Proxy

  • No: The order was placed by a customer not using VPN/Proxy


Data in the "Order from VPN/Proxy" column is sourced from Proxycheck, while data in the "Fraud Score" and "Order Type" columns is provided by Shopify.

Therefore, there are 2 cases that can happen:

Case 1: A high-risk order doesn't necessarily mean it was placed by a VPN/Proxy user

An order from a normal person who does not use a VPN/Proxy can still be marked as a high-risk order, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Incorrect Order Information: Customer or delivery details may be inaccurate or inappropriate.

  • Payment Issues: Credit card rejection or payment-related problems.

  • Unusual Shopping Patterns: The Shopify system may perceive a higher risk if there are abnormal shopping behaviors, like placing numerous orders immediately after creating an account.

  • Linked to Previous Fraud: The order may be associated with previously identified fraudulent orders.

Case 2: An order placed by a user using a VPN does not necessarily mean that the order is high-risk

A normal user, using VPN to shop and order, the reasons for this case can be explained as follows:

  • Security and Privacy Concerns: Users commonly leverage VPNs for enhanced online privacy and data security.

  • Bypassing Geographic Restrictions: VPNs enable users to access restricted online content in different countries.

  • Secure Public Network Usage: VPNs are used for protection when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in places like cafes or airports.

  • Overcoming Organizational Restrictions: In workplaces or educational environments, VPNs may be employed to surpass network restrictions.

  • IP Address Concealment: Users might use VPNs to keep their IP addresses anonymous, avoiding tracking from websites or online advertisements.

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