Blockify - Fraud IP Blocker
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Add a new rule to block


Blockify offers a powerful feature that allows you to block access from specific IP addresses or locations effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can define who can and cannot reach your website or online store.
Currently, Blockify supports blocking access using the following criteria:
  • IP address (support IPv4 and IPv6).
  • IP address starts with (IP address range).
  • Country.
  • State or Province.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Product, collection (available on Wix platform).
The IP's information is checked using the database.


Step 1: Open the "Blocker & Re-director" tab.

Step 2: Select "Block" and then choose what you want to block.

Step 3: Insert appropriate data and click "Add"

Note: You can active or disable a rule anytime you want, instead of deleting the rule and adding it again from scratch