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General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do the data on Google Analytics or other analytics app still show visitors from a blocked country?
Due to Google Analytics (and other analytics apps') visits logging mechanism, all visiting attempts will still be recorded in the analytic report.
Rest assured that those logs are just visiting attempts that got blocked immediately by Blockify.
Your app is not working, it blocks regions that are not on blacklist.
You need to check whether you have the Proxy & VPN block feature enabled or not.
If you have this feature enabled, I would answer that the reason is because IPs are using a VPN and spoofing the countries that are on your blacklist.
If you do not turn on the Proxy & VPN feature, please contact us via email at [email protected] so we can check and fix it for you.
How does the Proxy and VPN Blocker feature work?
The Proxy/VPN Blocker feature enables you to automatically block every visitor who uses Proxy or VPN to access your store, depending on their IP addresses.
When you turn on the Proxy/VPN Blocker feature, each time a visitor comes to your store, their IP address is checked using the's database.
​ assesses the ISP and other factors of the provided IP address and provides a security rating for our application.
If the security rating is below the average threshold (risk score from 67 to 100), the visitor's access will be denied. Read more about Risk Score.
I blocked a person's IP address already but how to prevent him from changing the device to place more spam orders?
We have the "Auto block visitors when their IP changes" function. Blockify's automatic blocking goes beyond IP-based and geolocation blocking by recognizing previously blocked visitors and their devices and preventing their access, even when their IP addresses change.
Go to the "Settings" tab, and turn on the "Block visitors by their devices" setting.
What is ISP?
Internet service provider (ISP) is an organization that provides services for accessing, using, managing, or participating in the Internet. Learn more about ISP.