Add a new rule to whitelist


Blockify's whitelist enables you to establish a "digital VIP list", granting exclusive access to specific IP addresses and locations. By adding trusted entities to your whitelist, you ensure that they can always reach your website or online store without any obstacles. With Blockify's whitelist, you can create a secure and streamlined online environment for your trusted partners and clients.

Currently, Blockify supports whitelisting access using the following criteria:

  • IP address (support IPv4 and IPv6).

  • IP address starts with (IP address range).

  • Country.

  • State or Province.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  • Product, collection (available on some platforms).

The IP addresses and locations are checked using the GeoJS and database.


Step 1: Open the "Blocker & Re-director" tab.

Step 2: Select "Whitelist" and then choose what you want to whitelist.

Step 3: Insert appropriate data and click "Add".

Note: You can active or disable a rule anytime you want, instead of deleting the rule and adding it again from scratch.

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