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Proxy and VPN blocker


Blockify takes your online security to the next level by effectively blocking access from VPN and Proxy connections (learn more about Proxy and VPN). These commonly used tools for anonymous browsing or bypassing restrictions can create risks to your online store. With Blockify, you can prevent these connection attempts, ensuring that only legitimate connections are allowed. Say goodbye to potential threats and maintain a safer online selling experience with Blockify's robust VPN/Proxy blocking capabilities.
VPN and Proxy connections are verified using's database.
How the Proxy and VPN blocker works
  • The Proxy/VPN Blocker feature enables you to automatically block every visitor who uses a Proxy or VPN to access your store, depending on their IP addresses.
  • When you turn on the Proxy/VPN Blocker feature, each time a visitor comes to your store, their IP address is checked using the's database.
  • The visitor's access will be denied if the security rating is below the average threshold (risk score from 67 to 100). Read more about Risk Score.


Go to the "Settings" tab, on the "Auto blocker" section, and turn on the "Proxy and VPN blocker" setting.