💡About Blockify - Fraud IP Blocker

Reduce fraud and block IP addresses, cities, countries, bots, and scammers who use proxy or VPN.


Blockify - Fraud IP Blocker is a software solution designed to safeguard your online store like never before. With its advanced features, Blockify enables you to take full control of your website by blocking or redirecting access from specific IP addresses or locations, while also preventing connection attempts made through VPNs or Proxies. By seamlessly integrating into your existing online store, Blockify ensures the highest level of security, preventing unauthorized access and unwanted visits.

Features highlight

  1. Automatically block access from specific IP addresses or locations (country, state, province), block access to Product, Collection.

  2. Automatically redirect access from specific IP addresses or locations (country, state, province), redirect visitors away from roduct, Collection.

  3. Automatically block access that uses VPN/Proxy or TOR connection.

  4. Automatically block visitors even when they change their IP addresses (block any connection to your website that comes from visitors’ devices).

  5. Visitor Analytics: analyze traffic coming to your website and auto-validate the risk level of each visitor.

  6. Content protection: Protect your site contents (images and texts) from copying and scraping by competitors or bots.

  7. Fully customizable blocking screen that fits with your site.

What's in it for you?

  • Having full control over your website, allowing you to selectively allow or restrict access based on IP addresses or geographical locations.

  • Preventing unauthorized access to your sensitive information. Reducing fraudulent transactions, fake accounts, or spam activities.

  • Preventing access made through VPNs, Proxies, or TOR servers. These tools are often used by individuals trying to conceal their true identity or bypass restrictions.

  • Preventing access from locations with compliance issues, licensing restrictions, or limitations on shipping products.

  • Redirecting access to designated websites for each country or region.

  • Saying goodbye to those sleepless nights wondering if your online assets are safe and secure.

  • No more wasting bandwidth on bots, spammers, or malicious actors. Resting assured that your website resources are utilized efficiently, delivering a seamless experience to your genuine users.

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